On a recent trip to Thailand, the founder of Rollin Below 0° saw an inspiring opportunity to take his love for ice cream, present it live in a completely unconventional way, and share it with the world. Originally called “I-TIM-PAD”, translating to “STIR FRIED ICE CREAM”, rolled ice cream originated on the streets of Thailand. The premise is to watch as the flavors are mixed and transformed from liquid to beautiful rolls of ice cream before your eyes.

Once back home from his trip, he experimented with different ingredients to create a variety of flavor combinations. After a series of trials and tribulations, he was able to develop the taste and consistency he was looking for and Rollin Below 0° slowly came to life.

Rollin Below 0° can bring this fresh, new concept straight to your event and give your guests a unique ice cream experience! Coming from a family that has taken great pride in customer service, Rollin Below 0° will always ensure a great experience!

Roll with us, you won't regret it!